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cricket betting tips

Popularity of Cricket

This is where the eyebrows get raised. A large chunk of human population remains oblivious to the existence of this sport yet it has the second highest fan following among all the sports in the world. Cricket is played around the world, though it is more popular in certain countries. Cricket is extremely and exceedingly popular in Pakistan. People in India treat cricket as a religion. They are absolutely obsessed with the game. Cricket is also very popular in Australia, England, West Indies islands, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Bangladesh, South Africa, Ireland and Afghanistan Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players. It is set on a cricket field centred on a 20-metre (22-yard) pitch with two wickets each comprising a bail balanced on three stumps. Test matches, ODIs, T20 are the different formats of cricket. Bettors have a great opportunity with cricket betting, with the availability of different betting formats in different markets. Invest a little from your time to read and learn the key rules of cricket betting tips and guarantee your win with your bets.

History :

Originated in England, the game quickly became popular in all the swaths of lands that were once colonized by the Great Britain. In the middle of 20th Century, Britain left almost all its colonies but one thing which never left was cricket.

T20 is cricket’s latest format which is creating waves in other countries as well and now more and more countries are taking up this sport at professional level

Third most watched competition: become the third most watched sports competition in the world behind FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup.

T20 professional league: Almost all top cricketing nations has established lucrative domestic T20 leagues where players from foreign countries also take part. Indian premier League is the biggest domestic t20 league where along with local Indian players; foreign players from 16 countries take part.

Money: The money players get are too high and they have made their own fame , Ipl in india is a cricket of money, which makes more popular the cricket in today’s generation. And India cricket council, BCCI is world’s richest cricket board.

Most Popular match in cricket history are India Pakistan match , they are watched over 1 billion people.

World cup matches makes cricket more interesting, and people are too focused on watching the world cup matches of their nations.

Popularity of cricket can also be seen by the number of stadiums and fan are incredibly increasing, on the social networks and media, cricket news are headlines while live matches, these things makes the cricket more popular.

Best ways how to bet on cricket matches

Generally Cricket is unpredictable in most of the cases. It is a very funny game and can turn its needles at any point in the match.

Then to there are few factors which can be of a little help to a team such as Home conditions, toss, recent trends (form of ur team and the opposition , form of key players ,etc) Pitch, Weather can also be a deciding factor.

But you can not say that the home team is going to win the match for sure. A weak team can also beat a strong side . It just depends on the day, the team that plays well will win. And yeah , you need a bit of luck as well.

So you can predict but you can not be so sure that your prediction will be right.


Team Strength: This is the key factor for prediction. For Winning the Match the Team Strength should be balanced. For Eg: Case 1: India faces many difficulties with Fast Bowlers but the Spinners would come into picture for taking wickets if wicket is Spinner friendly. Case 2: If the Team has more Left hand Batsmen than Right Handers, it is good to have a genuine off Spinner in your playing 11 to tackle the opposition.

Home Conditions: Another factor which determines the Winner in the match is Home team – Crowd Support. If you are playing in the Home conditions everything would be in your hands. Like the Pitch Nature (Flat/ Damp Wickets), Climatic Factors (Dew Factor) and major role is played by the Home Crowd. This is not only for Cricket but also for other Sports like Football, Hockey etc. Home Team gets better Motivation.

Special (Key) Players: This is entirely depending upon the personal ability of the players. Opposition should bring techniques to stop the Skilled Players somehow which would be really nail biting to see. For Eg: Players like Virat Kohli, joe root, hashim amla, Fakhar Zaman, Colin Munro  etc., should be dealt accordingly with some strategy to stop the flow of runs. These Players would be Match Winners if the Opposition has no idea of what should be done. It is same in the case of the Bowlers. For Eg: How to handle Left arm fast bowlers like: Zaheer Khan ,Mohammad Amir and Right arm fast bowlers like James Anderson, Dale Steyn, Bhuvneshwar Kumar  and also Yorker specialist jasprit bumrah, So there should be concrete strategy to stop or slow them. These strategies would help a Team to win matches.

Toss: Cricket Analysts say that there is certain amount of advantage for a Team if it had won the Toss. This would not be the deciding factor in a match. But certainly it would give the team the option of choosing “what they want”.

When you are making cricket betting tips on T20 matches pay more attention to the past statistics of the pitch, but do not ignore the other facts. In the 40 or 50 overs matches, wait for the first inning to finish and then decide the final winner of the match. Whereas in the tests matches, don’t forget that the home team has an advantage over the opponents. When the weather and pitch is in advantage for a team, it’s wise to take the short odds with the favourites.
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