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Golden Rules

Golden Rules of Cricket Betting

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Golden Rules for Cricket Betting

(IF you want to earn in cricket betting follow the rules)

1.Each Bet Should Be of Equal Amount

I would advise you to make your stake/bet amount fixed for all the bets you place. Try not to increase the bet amount just because you have won or lost. If you go on changing your betting money then there will be more chances of losing your money. In case you bet with same amount then there will be more chances of recovering your loss easily.

2.Treat Betting As Your Business

If you are betting regularly then treat betting as your business as your bookies does, they run their business and make profit out of it, in the same way you also need to make profit from betting. If you are losing your money continuously then its better to stop betting as sometime luck never favors in these things.

3.Always Try To Book Your Profit Both Side

You should never be too much greedy, always try to set your book on both sides so that you      can relax. As we know cricket matches are not predictable, it can change at any time. If you predicted that team “A” will win and if you sitting on it without any cutting and at the last moment it may happen that team “B” win. So never stick with one side only, just try making both side profit.

4.Always Respect The Odds

Sometimes Odds tells you a lot about winner so always check odds before bet that is this suitable odd or not. Never back team of 40 or under odds.

5.Do not Play Session or Fancy

We always advice to avoid to Play session or Fancy because in session or fancy you always loss the amount. If you want to play session or fancy then play one session or fancy at one time and play session or fancy with 10% of you limit.



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