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Online Betting Account

Online betting is very common and have a huge market in India although betting is banned in India. But there is huge market and network of local bookies.

These days new trend in Indian market is ‘online betting account’ through smart phones. This is new way to Indians for betting in sports. Here we will provide you detailed guidance on ‘How to open a online betting account’ in India.

Major betting websites from world also available in India and provide option of place bets in Indian Rupees. But as per directions of RBI money transactions not allowed with foreign betting websites. Hence these website not popular as much in India.

There is lots of benefits of online betting account, some of these mentioned below.

  1. Safe and secure – currently no law in India for online betting.
  2. Accurate match odds – Currently available websites in India use odds from Betfair. Hence these odds 100% accurate and genuine.  Local bookies can manipulate odds because you cannot see online odds.
  3. Trusted Settlements – In this point you have to choose a trusted website for bet. Currently some fake people not giving money to winner punters. We will advise you below in this page for genuine websites.
  4. Always Online – You can bet from your internet browser anytime, anywhere. No need to call bookies again & again.
  5. All Match Available – In online betting account you can place bets on all live and non live matches both. We will also get options of place bet on all sports like football, tennis, horse racing etc. Other than this you will get option of place bets on sessions, toss, wickets, players runs, goals, match sets etc.
  6. No Need of ID – In Indian websites personal ID not required to open an online betting account.

Here some of Popular Websites


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